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Why Us?

When it comes to window cleaning — experience is critical. Only certain techniques will produce the results desired. Our team of licensed, insured and bonded cleaners understand the technical approach to window cleaning. We have been serving clients for over 20-years throughout Arizona. We promise incredible results every time.



  1. Streak-Free Windows
  2. 14-day rain guarantee
  3. $40 off any services over $300
  4. $20 off any service under $300
  5. Free track cleaning
  6. 100% satisfaction or your money back guaranteed


  1. Shoe covers inside
  2. Frames wiped
  3. Neat and no mess inside
  4. Tracks brushed and wiped / sills cleaned
  5. We polish the glass which removes stuck-on debris that a squeegee does not remove. VERY IMPORTANT
  6. We DOUBLE CHECK every window from different angles – VERY IMPORTANT
  7. Windows cleaned STREAK FREE!
  8. Screens cleaned with soap & water (not just brushed which is what most companies will do)



Our team will walk around your home and count the windows, screens, sunscreens, ladder requirement and current condition your window glass is in. We also offer free estimates online by filling out this form.

An important factor is determining the current state your windows are in. If the windows have not been cleaned in two years or more they can have hard to remove build up, which requires different methods of cleaning than standard window cleaning.  It requires different soaps, tools, much more effort, time(up to 4 times as long) and care as not to damage the window.

Types of window conditions:

  • Paint on the window
  • Power-washed – if your home has been power washed, to get clean before painting or just getting the dirt and dust off,
    the water that is blasted on the windows actually sticks to the glass.  The calcium and minerals in the water start to bake into and bond to the glass.  The longer the water sits on the window the harder it is to remove these spots.  If left un-cleaned for too long the spots get etched into the glass and normal cleaning methods will not be able to remove the water.  It is the same as the glass being scratched.  Most of the time we can get mild hard water spots off of the windows. 
  • Post-construction: Stucco, mortar, cement, sticker
  1. Hard build-up removal charge only applies to 1 in 4 homes
  2. After the windows have been cleaned once a new discounted price will be in effect for your next cleaning

It’s a good idea to get your windows cleaned regularly by A Clean Expression for multiple reasons:  

  • Better View
  • Longer lasting windows and glass
  • Better looking home
  • Less expensive window cleanings
  • Avoid other companies damaging your expensive glass (we see it all the time)


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